Vernon Summerlin

This month we’re taking a little breakfast with our crappie entrée by using a pancake mix. This mouthwatering recipe will lure everyone to the table. Instead of using ordinary pancake mix, we’re going to fruit-it-up a little by using a blueberry mix.
Commercially sold blueberries, genus (Vaccinium), are usually from species that naturally occur only in eastern and north-central North America. This genus is also native to other parts of the world, including the southern United State.
Blueberries range in height from less than a foot tall to more than dozen feet tall. The short or “low-bush” berries are generally called “wild.” Some of these short-bush berries grow on the hills behind my house but I grow the high-bush in my orchard – saves stooping over and is much easier on my old back. And I don’t have to climb hills for these tasty berries.

Pancake Crappie
2 1/2 pounds crappie fillets, cut into 2-inch pieces
1 1/2 cups blueberry pancake mix
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
3/4 cup beer (non-alcoholic will work too)
1 egg
Canola oil

In a large bowl, combine pancake mix, sugar, salt, cayenne pepper, beer, and egg; mix well. Heat 1 inch of oil in a large deep skillet over medium heat until hot but not smoking. Dip fish pieces into batter, coating completely, then fry in oil 3 to 5 minutes per side, or until coating is golden and fish flakes easily with a fork. Drain on a paper towel-lined platter.

Lemon-Blueberry Sauce
Juice of 1 lemon (about 3 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1½ cups frozen wild blueberries
3 tablespoons agave
Zest of half a lemon
1/8 teaspoon ground ginger
Dash of salt
Thyme, a few leaves fresh chopped (optional)

Place the lemon juice and cornstarch in a small bowl and whisk with a fork until well combined. Place the wild blueberries, cornstarch mixture, agave, lemon zest, ginger, salt, and thyme as desired in a small saucepan and stir well to combine. Place the blueberry mixture over medium high heat and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer, stirring frequently, until thickened and heated through, about 5 minutes. Pour over your fish and serve.

Crappie Sandwiches
6 crappie fillets
2 cups of pancake flour
1 cup of corn flake crumbs
1/4 cup of yellow cornmeal
1 tablespoon of garlic salt
2 beaten eggs
Canola oil
Sandwich buns
Cheese Whiz (optional)
Onion, sliced (optional)

Place flour, crumbs, cornmeal, and garlic salt in a large Zip-lock bag, and shake to ensure all of the ingredients are well mixed. Dip crappie filets in a couple of beaten eggs and place the filets in the batter mixture. Give the bag a few shakes to coat the filets and deep fry in hot vegetable oil. Serve the golden brown filets on sandwich buns. Add Cheese Whiz and a slice of onion to the sandwich if desired.

Seasoned Greetings!