Crappie Basics 177: Slow and Light

Russ Bailey, host of BrushPile Fishing TV show says winter is a time for some finesse.

“Downsizing is something that you need to consider any time you’re not getting many bites no matter where or what time of year. In cold water, the fish are not as aggressive so a dropshot rig with a slow, vertical presentation is the way to go especially for bigger fish. Move along with a bottom bounce rig, or dropshot, but move really slow. Bump it on bottom then hold it for a long period of time. Then, lift it up and set it back down. On a dropshot rig, you can leave the bait on bottom or lift it up a little. The bites can be slow light you can barely feel them, so a sensitive pole and line is important. It gets better as the water keeps getting colder.