Crappie NOW - December2015

Winter is a time for deep ledges or ice fishing, depending where you live. The CrappieNow December issue includes ice fishing along with fishing from a dock, cold weather fishing tips, and more.

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Tournament Results

MAGNOLIA OCTOBER 24th GRENADA 1. Hugh Krutz/Steve Stevenson 15.6 2. Terry Stewart/Larry Holmes 14.76 3. Scott Steen/Sid Steen 13.33 4. Brad Taylor/John Harrison 13.26 5. Joe Lowery/Jay Carr 13.23 BIG FISH 1. Chaney Starnes/Glenn Frazier ...
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Huffman Receives Award

The Alabama Black Belt Region/Eufaula Alabama was the site of Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) in October. SEOPA is a large organization consisting of writers, photographers, videographers, media specialists and others in the outdoor field ...
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Blueberried Crappies & Seasoned Greetings!

Vernon Summerlin This month we're taking a little breakfast with our crappie entrée by using a pancake mix. This mouthwatering recipe will lure everyone to the table. Instead of using ordinary pancake mix, we're going ...
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Rigging a Crappie Boat Aluminum Boat Tackle Organizers: Save Time With Accessibility

By Ron Presley Rods, reels and other major pieces of equipment are a given, but what about those other necessities of crappie fishing? Where do you store them? Marker buoys, jigs, swivels, hooks and more ...
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The Oddest Places You’ll Ever Ice Fish for Crappie

By Vic Attardo Put on your mukluks. Hitch your dog team to the sled. Then cover your head with the ugliest fur-lined hat with ear flaps you can find because this is a destination story ...
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Crappie Basics 109

Scattered through CrappieNow this issue are great tips for fishing cold weather. Tips and articles both have several basic items that are similar whether fishing a dock, open water or under the ice. One factor ...
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Up a Creek

by Brad Wiegmann Anyone but a crappie angler would think being up a creek in a negative way. However, as fall turns to winter and water temperatures drop crappie will migrate into creeks to feed ...
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Study Paints Portrait of the Occasional Angler

Young anglers, female anglers and fishermen in urban areas are most likely to go years without fishing regardless of where in the country they live, a follow-up report commissioned by Southwick Association (ASA) has revealed ...
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Bulk Up for Ice Crappie

By Jeff Samsel Who says that going miniscule is the only way to catch crappie through the ice? Downsize. That always seems to be the call to crappie fishermen for working through the ice, and ...
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Q&A: A good cold water tip? What fishing goodie you want for Christmas?

Ron Wong, TN (co-host Outdoors with Larry Rae,"Tie jigs on with a loop knot. The jig falls more naturally and you have a little more action. In cold weather drop down to a 1/32-ounce ...
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Crappie Basics 108

Jigheads come in different weights for a good reason. A 1/16-ounce is a good all-around size because it has a slow fall yet enough weight to work when water is still or has a little ...
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Advanced Seasonal Structure Docks & Marinas

By Tim Huffman Docks & Marinas offer fishing opportunities without the use of a boat. It's true that the past three decades have put most fishermen into a position to afford a boat. Go to ...
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Opening Cast

I'm looking forward to the holiday season. Not the presents but the obvious things that bring tears to my eyes, emotions that make my heart race, and the urge to let my emotions freely flow ...
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