Crappie NOW January 2015

Winter is the time for ice fishing in the north and soft water in the south. Read how to fish far north, south and everywhere in between in the January issue of Crappie NOW online magazine.

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Crappie Clubs

Fishermen, check with club/association for exact dates, info, etc. MAGNOLIA CRAPPIE CLUB -MS CRAPPIE ANGLERS OF TEXAS (CAT)- TX WEST TENNESSEE CRAPPIE CLUB-WTCC -TN; also facebook INDIANA SLAB MASTERS- IN ...
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January 2015 Photo Contest

1st place
Tim Marple, 13.5 inches,
Lake Cumberland
Honorable Mention
Rodney Breeding, 13-14 inches,
Chickmauga Lake, TN
Honorable Mention
Becky Jazwierski, 13 and 14 inch
specks, Date caught 11/5/14, Lake
Manatee, Manatee county, FL ...
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Tournament Results

Magnolia Crappie Club
Nov.15, 2014 Enid Reservoir Club
1. Chaney Starnes/ Glen Frazier 13.50
2. Bo Hudson/Brad Chappell 12.13
3. Tympel Turner/John Harrison 11.86
4. Charles Lindsey/Graham Taylor 10.76
5. Ronald Wade/Danny Wade 10.46
Big Fish
Chaney Starnes/Glen Frazier 2.47
Rabbit Rogers/Pat Jeffcoats 2.46
Middle ...
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2015 Calendar

(Please check with club/association for exact dates, changes, cancellations, rules and additional tournaments)
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Vern’s Cooking & Tidbits: Crushed and Crusty Crappie

By Vernon Summerlin Origin of Corn Flakes
Corn Flakes, believe it or not, were invented as part of an Anti-Sexual Crusade in the 18th and 19th centuries. Michigan physician John Harvey Kellogg was uncomfortable about sex ...
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Coloring Your Ice Fishing

Story & Photos by Vic Attardo Ice fishing is most often a white, blue and black world. The intensity of these colors can get a little trying on the eyes.
The blue is the clear winter ...
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Q&A What are the most common questions you get in your crappie seminars? Any odd questions?

Brian 'Bro' Brosdahl- Minnesota, Bro's Guide Service, pro staff for Frabill, Northland, others.
Q: What are the go-to colors for crappies?
A: No such thing as a #1 color for all lakes. That being said pink-white and ...
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Crappie Basics #88: Learning to Fish

I'm often asked, "What is the best way to learn to fish?" That's not a black and white answer, but the very best way I know is to team up with someone who knows how ...
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Tip of the Month -Tacklebox Clean-Up

Winter is a great time for cleaning your tackleboxes. There is no one perfect system but this is what works for many heavy-duty fishing experts.
A good place for the task is in front of a ...
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Organizing Tackle in the Boat

By John Neporadny Jr. Organizing tackle in my boat has always been a challenge, but some manufacturers are making it an easier task.
A variety of organizing systems are available from boat manufacturers or tackle companies ...
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ICE STRATEGY: Sit & Wait, or Run & Gun

By Darl Black The first crappie of the day is significant because there are always more in the same spot. Ice fishing has changed considerably from the first time I drilled a hole over ...
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Crappie Basics #89: Line Size

There are two reasons why light line will produce more bites than heavier line. One reason is visibility. Water is usually clearer when the water gets cold so smaller diameter and low visibility is an ...
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Southern Tactics for New Year Crappie

Florida anglers have two things on their mind in January. It is the month that crappies generally begin their spawning ritual and it is when the fish are the biggest and healthiest. Those two reflections ...
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Lew’s, Hank Parker and the American Hero Program

Lew's, a legendary name in tackle and a CrappieNow sponsor, along with another legend Hank Parker, have teamed up to carry the family fun of fishing message into millions of American households in 2015.
"Hank Parker's ...
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Advanced Seasonal Structure – Cold-Weather Stump Fishing

Story & photos by Tim Huffman Cold-Weather Stump Fishing is a combination of stump fishing mixed with factors you might face. The key to fishing this time of year is survival because the weather and ...
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Opening Cast

If you are a CrappieNow reader you should know we have an elite group of outdoor writers. They are gifted writers and photographers, with fishing skills, and a desire to help you catch fish.
Along with ...
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