Spring to summer transition crappie offer a lot of different opportunities. Different techniques allow different type waters to be targeted. Learn about them in the June issue of CrappieNow Magazine.

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Crappie Basics 115: Fast Trolling

            Trolling, or pulling, is a popular way to find and catch summer crappie. Southern anglers have used this tactic successfully for years. Trolling means different things to different fishermen, but in general, it’s putting ...
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Crappie Calendar June – August

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Tournament Results

BAYOU STATE APRIL 23rd D'ARBONNE 1. Mark Taylor/Dustin Taylor 9.82 2. Wes Barmore/Mark Theodos 9.57 3. LD Larry/LD Henry 8.91 4. Jason Thomas/Scotty Johnson 8.54 5. Josh Gowan/Alex Rude 8.45 BIG FISH 1. Mark Taylor/Dustin ...
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Shooting and Trolling Docks On Alabama’s Weiss Lake with Darrell Baker in May

In much of the South, May signals the time to start shooting docks. Darrel Baker who has been a fishing guide on Weiss Lake in Alabama for almost a decade explains, “My fishing clients and ...
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Vern’s Cooking & Tidbits

By Vernon Summerlin Soups or Stews?              Soups are similar to stews and in some cases there may not be a clear distinction between them. Generally, stews are much thicker than soups and require longer ...
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Alabama Wildlife Federation

by Tim Huffman “We want to grow the next generation of conservation leaders and ensure a quality outdoor future for Alabama.” AWF We at CrappieNow are all about catching fish, especially crappie. We love being ...
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A cooler full of crappie is the norm, not the exception, for experienced night fishermen.

Nightstalking for Crappie

By Terry Madewell As the sun starts sinking into the western sky near Lake Wylie on the North and South Carolina border, nightstalkers begin to prowl. They gather gear, sharpen hooks and prepare for the ...
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Mr Crappie

Crappie Basics 114

            Don’t avoid stumpy areas when spider rigging. During the Crappie Masters Alabama River tournament, I watched as fishermen worked thick stump and tree areas. Sometimes several poles were hung at once. It was hard ...
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James Wesson pulls a crappie from Swift Creek on the Alabama River. Longline trolling is a great way to cover water and search an area with your electronics.

Alabama Road Trip

by Tim Huffman             You’ll see a few pieces about Alabama fishing, conservation and recreation in this issue of CrappieNow. A Crappie Masters tournament followed by a media event in early May resulted in both ...
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Fishing should be a family event. By using a few tips from the pros, it’s easier to add more fish to your livewell.

Apply Tournament Tactics to Weekend Fishing

by Darl Black For weekend crappie anglers, the art of fishing has turned into a potentially expensive science. Similar to the impact of tournaments on bass fishing some years ago, the advent of crappie tournaments ...
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Road Runner Lures

Crappie Basics 113

Removing a pole from a holder when spider rigging isn’t difficult but is often a problem for many fishermen. There are two stumbling points. First, when grabbing the pole lift up while letting the handle ...
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Q: What have you learned from tournament fishermen?

Answers are from the Crappie Master staff during the Grenada Lake spring tournament. Dillon Stocking- “Being able to see all the ways the tournament fishermen catch fish and then using that information to apply it ...
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A crappie took a Crappie Dapper that was longlined in medium depth waters.

Jig Selections for Warming Waters

Story & photos by Tim Huffman             Late spring and early summer mean fish have spawned, gone through post-spawn and are in transition from spring to summer patterns. Whether you live north or south determines ...
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Tim Huffman

Opening Cast

Last month I was working the Crappie Masters tournament on the Alabama River. A media/fisherman event followed. Therefore, I got to spend some time on the water even though most of it was with a ...
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