The Crappie NOW March Issue is packed with pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn tips whether you live in the north, south, or somewhere in between. Whether you like special “feel-good” reading or to-the-point fish-catching tactics, you’ll find it all in this issue of Crappie NOW.

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Tournament Results

MAGNOLIAJanuary 17, 2015 OKATIBBEE MS1. Bill Burnett/John Beshears 8.972. Pat Jeffcoats/Miller Reid 8.833. Larry Homes/TJ FFerguson 8.744. Vic Finkley/Kim Gray 7.905. Charles Lindsey/Graham Taylor 7.72Big Fish1. Don Collins 2.572. Larry Holmes/TJ Ferguson 2.333.CRAPPIE USAJanuary 31, ...
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2015 Crappie Calendar

(Fishermen, check with club/association for exact dates, changes, cancellations and rules.)MARCH 6-7 CRAPPIE USA CLARKS HILL LAKE- EVANS, GA SUPERMARCH 7 CRAPPIE MASTERS GREENWOOD LAKE- GREENVILLE, SC CLUBMARCH 13-14 CRAPPIE USA LAKE OF EGYPT- IL ...
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Vern’s Cooking & Tidbits: Cajun Grilled Crappies

By Vernon Summerlin It's spring and it's time to take it outside – cooking that is. This month we're going outdoors to grill some slab fillets. We are cooking the manly way, waving our fillets ...
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Rigging a Crappie Boat Rigging Pole Holders on Sides and Back

by John Neporadny Jr. Side trolling with holders on the side of the boat lets a pair of fishermen have a wide coverage path as they move through the water. Back in my guiding days, ...
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Muddy Water Tip…Rattle ’em In

by Tim Huffman Spring is a time of many cold fronts and heavy rains. This means muddy water. Most pros recommend three things when the water turns muddy. One is a bigger profile bait. Another ...
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Basics #92: Deep Water Spring Fish

March fishing means you will be enduring some weather conditions. You might have warm day today and very cold day tomorrow. You have to plan your trip based upon the weather including temperatures and wind ...
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Tip of the Month: March Fishing

By David Jones Crappie do not all spawn at the same time. Not at my home waters of Green River Lake, KY, or most other lakes and rivers across the country. The majority of the ...
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3 Stages of the Spawn – Southern Style

By Jeff Samsel When Jim Duckworth’s electronics show him that most crappie have moved up onto spawning flats, he begins fishing shallow cover. Despite air temps in the 70s and the sun shining brightly, the ...
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3 Stages of Spawn – Northern Ways

By Darl Black Shenango slabs for Ken Smith who enjoys fishing a shoreline laydown in the spring. It's March and the spring crappie bite is starting to happen in the South...but not so much in ...
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Do you face fishing challenges in March?

J.R. Oldham, Missouri, Outlaw Poles and Stockton Lake guide, says, "Fish are in transition from deep to shallow water. Fishing is usually tough here because of all the spring floods we get keeps the water ...
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St. John’s River Plunking

By Vic Attardo The St. John's River in central Florida looked like a flow with four borders. In addition to the spongy banks on both sides. There were two thick fields of pad weeds, creating ...
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Classic Magic The Pole

Two men had a dream. One man had a personal goal of making the best crappie jighead for hollow body crappie tubes. The other man had a dream of winning the Crappie Classic, the Super ...
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Opening Cast

There's a groundhog in serious need of assassination. That's just my personal view and does not reflect the opinion of this magazine. At the time of this writing here in southeast Missouri, we are receiving ...
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Crappie Clubs

Fishermen, check with club/association for exact dates, info, etc. MAGNOLIA CRAPPIE CLUB -MS CRAPPIE ANGLERS OF TEXAS (CAT)- TX WEST TENNESSEE CRAPPIE CLUB-WTCC -TN; also facebook INDIANA SLAB MASTERS- IN MIDDLE ...
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