Tim HuffmanI’m looking forward to the holiday season. Not the presents but the obvious things that bring tears to my eyes, emotions that make my heart race, and the urge to let my emotions freely flow. That’s right, it’s obvious…college football bowl games. I have to admit I’m a junkie when it comes to college football. I would “Call the Hogs” right now but I have more class than that.
So what’s the correlation between football and fishing? Most sports enthusiast and fishermen are looking forward to the 2016 season. Whether it was a good or bad year in 2015, our minds are geared positive so we are all looking for better things next year no matter which sport we like.
My first fishing trip to Oklahoma public lakes took place a few weeks ago. Ft. Gibson was the first stop. I fished with a couple of local fisherman who said, “Should have been here two weeks ago. Fishing was fantastic.” I’m sure it was, but the passing of a front, the arrival of another and water falling seven inches a day had killed the bite.
Day two winds were kicking up as predicted. A few fish were caught but nothing to brag about. I got to meet some more cool fishermen.
Day three was to a different lake but same song, a little more out of tune. Remember the front that crossed the country causing wind damage and wildfires in mid-November? We were there. By late morning winds were 25-30 mph. A toad strangler rain came through at noon along with 40-50 mph gusts. Not fun even when under a covered marina dock.
The moral to the story? Falling water is tough; wind is tough; drastic barometric highs and changes are tough. Did I have fun? You bet I did. I got to see specialized tactics, do interviews and shoot photos. I made new friends. Fishing is about friends, being outdoors and the challenge of catching. Icing on the cake is active fish biting your jig or minnow.
Until next time, “Wooooohhh Pig, Soooie, Razorbacks”.

Good Fishin’ & God Bless,