1 lb. crappie fillets


4 slices bacon

1 lb. red potatoes

1/3 medium onion

2 eggs, used separately

Freshly ground black pepper

¾ cup plain flour

¾ cup self rising corn meal

Vegetable oil

Wash and pat dry the fish fillets with paper towels. Lightly salt both sides. Set aside.

In a large skillet, fry the bacon until done. Drain bacon on paper towels; then pour the bacon drippings into a small bowl to use later. Do not wash the skillet since it will be used later.

Wash the potatoes and microwave until done.

The hash browns can be made with or without the peel, your choice. When the potatoes are cool enough to be handled, grate the cooked potatoes into a medium-sized bowl. Grate the onion on top of the potatoes, mix together, and taste for salt, add if needed.

In a small bowl, beat one of the eggs very well; then beat in the pepper. Add the egg mixture to the potato mixture and blend well.

Add 1 T. bacon drippings (more may be needed) to the bacon skillet and heat to high; then reduce heat to medium. Form the hash browns into individual patties and drop into the hot skillet to fry. Adjust heat, as needed, to gently fry until one side of the patty is set and a light brown color before tuning to fry the other side. Drain patties on paper towel and keep warm. Remove any hash brown bits from the skillet. Still, do not wash the skillet!

Place the flour into a zip top bag and place the corn meal into another zip top bag.

Using a shallow bowl, beat the other egg very well; then sprinkle with salt.

To bread the fish fillets:

1. One at a time, place a fish fillet into the flour-filled plastic bag, zip the top of the bag, and shake vigorously to coat the fish fillet. Remove fish fillet to a cutting board or plate.

2. Repeat with all fish fillets.

3. Then, dip each flour-coated fish fillet into the beaten egg to coat.

4. Next and one at a time, place a fish fillets into the corn meal-filled plastic bag, zip the top of the bag, and shake vigorously to coat the fish fillet. Remove fish fillets to a cutting board or plate.

Add enough vegetable oil plus 1 T. of bacon drippings to the bacon skillet to pan fry the fish fillets. Heat the oil to high; then reduce heat to medium and fry the breaded fish fillets until done and lightly browned. Taste for salt and add, if needed.

Fish cooks quickly so do not overcook. It is cooked when the fish color changes from translucent to white, and the fish is flaky when lifted with a fork.

Serve the fish fillets surrounded with the hash brown patties topped with the bacon slices.

Serves: 4.