Fishermen don’t like to read or think about simple stuff like line and knots. Neither of these are a problem until you get a heavy fish on your line, the fish you definitely want to get into the boat. At that time your weakest item will fail.
Line is simple. It should be in good shape with no knicks or weak spots. You can check it by pulling on it until it breaks. Also, you can feel knicks by running the line through your fingers. Change as necessary.
Knots should be strong no matter which knot you use. Learn the proper way to tie the ones you use. Also, after fishing rocky areas, heavy brush or after catching a dozen or so fish, re-tie your knot. Cutting an tying a knot is not fun but is important if you are expecting a heavy fish.
Don’t let line or a knot cost you a huge slab. –TH

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Tip of the Month Bait and Hooks

Kyle Schoenherr Kyle Schoenherr and Rodney Neuhaus recently won a National Championship. Schoenherr says that paying attention to all of the little things, including terminal tackle and line, was very important to their final results.
Schoenherr says, “Picking the right bait is very important. We tried plastics all week in practice and they just didn’t work for us like live bait. So trying different baits is one way to learn the specifics of what the fish want. Then stick to what works.”
“Tru-Turn hooks made a big difference for us during the tournament. The Tru-Turn hook does a great job of getting the crappie in the top or bottom lip. The only way you are going to lose a big fish is if the hook goes in the soft sides of their mouth and the fish has the weight and power to pull free. If hooked directly in the top of the mouth it’s “Game over” and the Tru-Turn is good at getting the top lip.”

Kyle Schoenherr is a fishing guide in Illinois. He and his partner recently won the 172 boat field competing for the Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters National Championship held on Kentucky Lake. Sponsors include Road Runner, Lowrance, BnM Poles and others. To contact Kyle for a guided fishing trip, call 618-314-2967 or go to