Crappie Basics #109

“The fish in this region of Tennessee are spawning in April, but of course that depends upon the water temperatures. There are many different ways to fish depending upon where you are fishing. At Reelfoot we may be using something like a 1/8-ounce Strike King jig in the old lily pad stubble. At Kentucky Lake it might be a double-hook minnow rig.

“One thing we do when using is a jig is match the color to the water color. At Kentucky Lake it will be relatively clear so a blue-clear or something to match a shad is good. At Grenada in the dingy water we’ll use orange-chartreuse or something bold they can see.”  -Tim Blackley, BnM and Strike King pro staff.

Stubby Steves Driftmaster
Offshore Tackle g3 2016