Crappie Basics 116: Spillway Fishing

            Not everyone has a boat or maybe you just want a short, relaxing trip fishing from the bank. Spillways can offer good fishing. The reason a spillway has fish is because of water temperatures and oxygen. Still waters can be stagnate and have low oxygen levels but spillways water doesn’t have those problems.

            Spillways are a love-hate relationship. When water release is right the fishing can be great but if too low or to fast it will be tough or impossible to catch fish. Also, crappie fishing purist won’t like catching other species but it will happen at a spillway, but most fishermen are there for fun enjoy the extra fight with a bigger fish. A jig-cork is the best choice but never rule out a minnow-slip float when necessary. Also, small cranks, spoons and other reaction baits can work but be aware that hang-ups in the rocks are unforgiving whether it’s a 20-cent jig or 4-dollar crank. –TH

Bobby Garland