Crappie Basics 117: No-Boat Options

            Access to a private pond is the best choice for fishing from the bank but that option may not be available to everyone. Many states, like Missouri for example, have numerous small public lakes where bank fishing is encouraged and most of these waters are stocked for bluegill, catfish and other species.

Lakes and reservoirs often have a few locations where fishermen can give it a try. Specific bank fishing spots usually include piers. These have brush or some other covers within casting distance to hold fish. Don’t expect miracles but you might get some good action.

Some marinas offer fishing from the dock. Going light and being patient can lead to some good results.

            On the big reservoirs look for bank locations on the map where deeper water runs close to the bank. A creek or river channel swinging near-by perfect. These spots may require some hiking but the rewards can be good.

            There may be other waters where the public can go or you can get permission. Golf course lakes, water supplies, small streams and other waters can be good. -TH

Mr Crappie