Crappie Basics 118: PanOptix and Bait Movements

There are many advancements in boat electronics. Wide scanning, down imaging, enhanced sonar and much more. Garrett Steele, half of the Crappie Country, Bobby Garland fishing team on the Crappie Masters National Tournament Trial, talks about using one of Garmin’s advanced options.

“With Panoptix we get to see movement. We can have our baits out spider rigging and we can see fish moving around. We can move a bait a little and watch the fish converge on it. We can see a hit before we feel it. So the PanOptixs, at times, can be a huge advantage.

“The point is, even though we don’t watch for it all the time or see it with basic electronics, it’s important to know that a fish can see and feel when a bait moves and that can draw a response from them. It doesn’t mean they will all hit the bait but some will. So it’s important for fishermen to know that a fish can be out of range yet can be drawn in with movement and vibration.”