Crappie Basics 120: Aberdeen Hooks

           I remember my Mom using big gold hooks on black braided line. The line was attached to a long cane pole dad had cut and dried. A big squeeze-on sinker and a real cork float with a red peg finished the rig. Mom later advanced to zip fiberglass poles and monofilament line but the big Aberdeen crappie hook was always on the end.

            Why did the Aberdeen light-wire hooks become so popular for crappie? Because the hook was designed and tempered to bend and come free when hung in cover. The hook could be bent back into shape and returned to fishing without retying.

Today the extra-light wire 214EL hooks are a top Eagle Claw seller for crappie. The smaller diameter hook doesn’t do as much damage to the minnow. Its light weight allows the minnow better swimming action. It bends easily without breaking relatively small monofilament line. …Tim Huffman