Crappie Basics 121: Jighead Shapes

          I’ve interviewed over a 1000 fishermen during my career. Everyone has a different ‘favorite’ when it comes to poles, line, holders, jig bodies, hooks and other items. One of the few items that most fishermen don’t make a big deal about is the shape of their jighead.

            There’s round, bullet, horse head, minnow, teardrop, and many more shapes with various names. Still, most fishermen use a round head jig. The usual answer is “They work.”

            Round heads are the most economical, most popular so readily available at tackle shops and still look good when matched with a good body.

            The bottom line is that some shapes may be good for special situations, but the round head has been a standby for many years and will continue to catch a lot of crappie. T.H.

Bobby Garland