Crappie Basics 124: Shooting Docks

           Try shooting docks in the fall. Docks are good gathering places for crappie. Also, baitfish are roaming around them in the fall.

            Shooting is often done with a short rod but a 6.5 or 7-foot rod gives more power for shooting and gives better leverage for setting the hook. High-vis 6-pound test line is good to keep diameter small yet provide good visibility for seeing light bites.

            Jigs should be 1/32- or 1/16-ounce. Use the lighter jigs when crappie are suspended just under the surface down to four or five feet. The light jig has a slow fall and stays in the strike zone longer. Use a 1/16 when crappie are deeper or when wind is a factor. -TH

Bobby Garland