Crappie Basics 127: River Fishing 1,2,3

           River fishing isn’t the easiest waters for most fishermen. Rising and falling water, along with changing currents, can cause each day to different. There are three things critical for success on the river.

            First, use your electronics. These are your eyes to knowing depths, contours, covers and to see fish. Electronics help a fishermen put baits in productive areas and strike zones.

            Two, think eddies. An eddy is a good place to try because currents are more calm. Baitfish often gather at an eddy.

            Three, adjust to conditions. Spots where you caught fish a few days ago may be out of the water. Or, they might be 8 feet deeper and below the strike zone. When currents change so do the crappie so be ready to adjust to those changes.

            River fishing can be fantastic but remember the three rules for better fishing. –TH

Mr Crappie