Crappie Basics #132: Elephants Eat Peanuts

Not everyone will use an example of elephants in the same paragraph as crappie, but TTI-Blakemore’s Marketing guru TJ Stallings, always has a way with words. He also has experience on the water and enjoys fishing the Alabama River near his home.

“Elephants like peanuts so it’s no surprise that crappie like small jigs so most of the time they are ideal. However, coming up on pre-spawn and spawn, a big crappie has a lot of mouth and can bury a big bait. A biological theory is that fish go after the most protein with the least amount of energy. A bass fishermen will quickly tell you that they can catch an 8-inch fish on a 10-inch worm. Therefore, crappie will take a small bait but a big bait, like the new 1/4-ounce Scarlis head with a 4/0 hook, is sometimes excellent for catching big crappie. –TJ Stallings