Crappie Basics #133: Get Out of the Wind

“The month of March is all about weather change. Wind is the primary thing for the weekend fisherman. The primary thing is to get out of the wind even if you don’t catch as many fish. It needs to be about fun and safety.

“On the St. Johns River last year we had been catching 1.5 pound fish during practice. The wind got bad so I targeted areas out of the wind that looks similar to Reelfoot. The first spot I pulled into we caught two fish over 2.5 pounds. We had fish on that would have won the tournament and lost several but we still finished fifth. The point is that getting out of the wind is the thing to do even if you don’t catch more fish but you might find a really good spot to fish you wouldn’t have found otherwise.” –Steve Coleman, Reelfoot guide and tournament pro, 731-442-9152

Bobby Garland