Crappie Basics #144: The Best Jig Color

Without a doubt the best jig color is red/chartreuse. What? You don’t agree? Just because you catch a thousand or so this year on a pink/white or chartreuse/purple is no reason to doubt red/chartreuse.

Seriously, there is no one ‘best’ color that works for every situation. Harold Neely, pro staffer with Spike-It, says, “The Color-C-Lector shows you the right color at the right time. Simple and easy to use. Like anything, light changes all day so you need to check it often. As light increases you’ll need to go with lighter colors. You can’t take one color and expect it to be the best all day long. The Color-C-Lector is a simple device that helps take the guesswork out of picking the best color.”