Crappie Basics 148: Long Lining- How Much Line?

Nick Deshano, Offshore Tackle, says if you don’t have a line counter there are a couple of ways to know how much line you have out. You can measure from your reel. Measure two feet from your reel and put a piece of tape. Now you can pull 2, 4, 6-feet, etc.

The second way is to put two marks or tape on your boat ten feet apart and put the rod tip at one point. With the reel in free spool, let your line come out until you get ten feet and repeat until you get the amount of line you want. The key is to be able to repeat the number of pulls so you get the same line length and therefore the same depth.

“I get a kick out of coming down south and seeing the $5000 worth of electronics and pinpoint precision trolling speeds but when asking what line length they might say a cast and a quarter. In other words, they don’t know exactly. It makes a difference.”