Crappie Basics #149: Doing Little Things Right

November fishing can be some of the best of the year. Fronts are not a big factor like in the spring. Fish are coming from summer patterns toward winter patterns. The water is clearing and cooling so fishing must be adjusted to those factors.

One obvious tip is to go deeper. Cooler water may mean shallower patterns for a while but as cooling continues crappie will go deeper. Another tip is to switch from live bait to jigs. Minnows work but jigs are more versatile and become extremely effective beginning in the fall. Also, slow down. Strikes may be a solid thud but, in general, fish holding to cover want baits slower. Don’t forget the scent/attractant. The slower the presentation the more important the attractant.

Good catching is the result of doing the little things (and big things) right. -TH