Crappie Basics #150: Fishing the Right Places

Lakes, reservoirs and rivers all have their own characteristics but all can be important choices in your fall-winter fishing. In 2017 the fall has been late coming meaning most waters are warmer than normal. Fish may still be actively moving especially in the middle and southern states. Don’t be too quick to move away from late summer and early fall patterns.

Start by checking the backs of creeks and coves. Depending upon water clarity and temperatures, the 8 to 10 foot range may be a good place to start. Pay special attention to ledges and pods of baitfish along those ledges. Your graph should quickly pinpoint crappie depths for adjustments.

As water continues to cool, crappie will move deeper again looking for food, drops and covers. Use your graph to find the spots, make good presentation and the results with be pleasing. -TH