Crappie Basics #151 – More Efficiency…Less Equipment & Tackle

I’ve seen it many times…a boat so loaded with equipment and tackle it’s an obstacle coarse getting from the seat to the front or back deck. The more crowded a boat the less efficient it will be.

I hear the jeers and objections right now, but the truth is that giving yourself more room in the boat is both safer and makes a better fishing rig.

The problem is that most fishermen want to have everything with them they “might” need. That could be an extra set or two of poles for various techniques, boxes of different baits, sinkers, jigheads and special items like planer boards. Everything adds up when added to necessary items like lifevests, safety equipment, cooler, etc.

The cure is to not try to take all the stuff you own. Decide which technique you’ll be using and only take the poles, baits and equipment you need. Clear and organize the boat. That doesn’t mean spotless clean but rather removing tackle and clutter that isn’t critical for the trip.

The problem is that sometimes you may wish you had something additional with you in the boat. It will happen. But I guarantee it would happen no matter how much you carry in the boat. The advantage far outweighs the disadvantage.-TH