Crappie Basics 162: Sticking with a Good Spot

You been catching fish in an area but a change in water temperature, water elevation or other factor has changed fishing to a no-catch situation. Don’t leave a known area too quickly. There are two tactics to try.

First, fish the same spots but slow the presentation. Lethargic fish may still be there but not in a hurry to take a bait. A fisherman may have to tease and annoy the fish to draw a strike. Another trick is to downsize baits. Go to a smaller minnow or jig.

The second trick is to go to deeper water. If fish were in the five foot range, move out to seven to ten feet. The changing conditions may have moved the fish out to deeper water. Usually, crappie won’t make huge moves in one day, but rather drop down to deeper water, move tighter to cover, or some similar move. -TH