Crappie Basics #179: Who Needs a Guide?

People have enjoyed the services of guides for many decades. The following are a few of the reasons and tips for using a guide.

(1) Fishermen with a boat going to a new lake. If a fisherman is spending three days or more at a lake there is already an investment of travel, motel or campsite and typical miscellaneous expenses. Hire a guide the first day to show you how to catch fish: the technique, presentation, baits/rigs and general areas. Spend the rest of your trip catching crappie instead of just fishing.

(2) People who fish only a few days a year. You don’t have to worry about boat maintenance or gear. Just go out and catch fish.

(3) To learn a lake, technique or electronics. Hire a guide to teach you how to run electronics, spider rig or whatever you want to learn.

(4) Vacationing. It’s often fun to throw in a day or two of fishing while traveling new destinations.

Guides cost money but their job is tough and they have a lot of expenses. Most are worth every dollar. Charges vary greatly with different regions, length of trip and other variables. But, the experience can be fantastic and worth the investment. -TH