Crappie Basics 180: Mounting a Fish

Crappie are heavier from now through the spawn. The peak may be late January in Florida and May or June in Pennsylvania. The middle states are often April. These are best-bet times for a heavy crappie.

Reasons for mounting a slab can include big weight, long fish, unique fish, youngster’s first fish or just to remember a special trip or lake.

Mounts are basically two types: replica or the fish. For a replica, you need photos from different angles, measurement of girth and length.

Most fishermen prefer to mount the actual fish. Here are the basics. (a) take care of the fish by not rubbing it around in the net or dropping the fish on the floor; (b) keep it alive because a dead fish deteriorates quickly; (c) at home, wrap it in a damp towel to protect it, then a garbage bag to prevent freezer burn and put into freezer; (d) find a taxidermist; agree on type mount and price. (e) Deliver frozen fish to taxidermist.