Crappie Basics 183: Minnow Hooks

“I’ve tried different minnow hooks just like everyone else. We use the rotating type hooks and have had good luck with them. One of their best features is a really sharp hook that stays sharp. You hang up and you lose them, but they aren’t very expensive. We re-tie so often that it takes very little time because we do it so often.

“We stick our double-hook rigs right into the brush. We have removed all the swivels to get rid of anything that hangs up or catches on timber. When fish get up shallow we typically have a Whack’em jig, 5/16-ounce, with a Muddy Water body on bottom. Up 14 inches is a loop with the other tag end being the top lead. A 2/0 Eagle Claw rotating minnow hook is tied as closely as possible to the loop, again to prevent too many hang ups. A straight minnow is on top and the bottom jig is tipped with a minnow.”

Charles Bunting, National Championship wins with Crappie Masters, ACT and Crappie USA.