Crappie Basics 184: Spawn to Post-Spawn

“On Kentucky Lake, the spawn may start in March or early April, depending upon the weather. The blacks will spawn first and they’ll be on the pea gravel banks and rocky points. I like to cast curly tail jigs to them. A lot of people use a cork with a jig underneath it. The cork and jig and keeps the presentation simple. When the black crappie are in a spot they can be super aggressive. They give a good fight.

“When fishing a cork, I’ve found it best not to let it set but rather keep it at the right depth and use a constant retrieve. I use a 1/16-ounce jig with a Southern Pro curly tail. The extra action of the tail is important. Colors I like include Popsickle, Kentucky green and Cajun Cricket.

“I believe in Crappie Nibbles, and having a cup holder with holder for scents makes it handy and quick. I’m a believer in the scent.

“A last tip for anyone coming to Kentucky Lake is to know there are areas where you can get into trouble, so be careful when navigating.”

Dean McCoy, Cornfield Crappie Gear.