Crappie Basics 185: Make Adjustments

“Washington Lake is a good place to fish. The lake is shallow overall so a couple of warm days really fires the fish up. A 65 degree day, sunshine and 45 degree nights can start them spawning by going into pre-spawn mode. Then as water warms they’ll be spawning.

“They feed up right before the spawn so fishing can be fantastic. Fishing is a process of elimination for me, so I’m starting out with a variety of colors, will try different depths but usually quickly find that with my locator and I start out long lining at a fast speed. I’ll adjust everything based upon what the crappie show me.

“I use double jig rigs. The weights are dependent upon the depth I’m fishing and my boat speed. When the fish are shallow, I’ll go to light jigs and put out a lot of line because the boat can spook them. I will use long poles to get jigs away from the boat but I don’t like using planer boards.”

Brad Chappell, guide in Mississippi and host of Crappie Connection.