Crappie Basics 186: Minnow Hooks

“I use red Tru-Turn hooks,” says Jay Don Reeve. “I want a strong hook and one that catches more fish per bite. That’s a Tru-Turn. At Grenada I’m using a 1/0 but at lakes where most fish are small and I’m not likely to catch anything over 1.25 or 1.5 pounds, I’ll go as small at a #2 but nothing smaller. Quality of fish determines the size. I like red hooks and are comfortable using them. But look in my boat and I may have some gold and bronze on, too.

            “I hook minnows through the bottom lip and up through the top lip, probably 98 percent of the time. When fish are there and won’t bite, I might try hooking them through the back. My double-hook rig is from Charlie Bunting who showed me how to tie rigs a simple, strong way with a jig on bottom. I’ve used it for two years with good success.”

Jay Don Reeve is a tournament fisherman from Texas. He and wife, Rhonda, who is a two-time cancer survivor, travel and fish to raise awareness and money for the fight against ovarian cancer. The team is known for a seven fish stringer weighing 20.54 pounds caught at a Grenada, MS, Crappie Masters tournament.