Crappie Basics 187: Creek Channels

“On Barkley in May, I like fishing the creek channels. The temperatures are coming up a little and the fish have already spawned. I’ve had the best luck in creek channels, like in Eddie Creek. The lake is not up to summer pool so the fish will likely be in water 16 to 18 feet with the crappie suspended up at about seven feet. Catching fish is usually a matter of finding bait balls and the crappie will be with the bait. I use Jenko 16-foot poles, spider rig minnows at about 0.3 mph.

            “Fishing changes with conditions so if visiting the lake don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn what the fish are doing. Also, Barkley can have very shallow areas where you can get in trouble very quickly. Take your time until you learn the channel.”

Dale Willingham fishes A.C.T. and is sponsored by Jenko, Pro Built Jigs, Cornfield Crappie and others.