I’m often asked, “What is the best way to learn to fish?” That’s not a black and white answer, but the very best way I know is to team up with someone who knows how to fish. It can be a neighbor, co-worker or maybe take trips with a few different guides.
The purpose is to experience and learn successful fishing. Catching should not be your number one goal, but rather learning everything possible. How are new spots found? What does the sonar show and what boat position is best? What are the specifics of the technique, rigs and baits? After learning a little ask if you can use the sonar to find a spot while they watch and guide you through the steps. Don’t let them tie your rigs. Do everything yourself and you’ll learn much quicker.
Be a good partner and help with the work. Pay for the gas and baits. Don’t go to their spots without asking permission and don’t take other fishermen to the spots. -TH