There are no seasons when a hump is out of style. Crappie love contours and that’s what a hump is…a turtle-shell formation made up of different degrees slopes. No two are alike so there are no firm, solid rules that apply to all. However, there are a few rules-of-thumb that can help a search.
First, look for the sharpest drop. That’s always a potential spot. Two, look for the down-current side of the hump. Three, cover is always a key element so take your time and mark any you find. Four, use a stair-step method to find the key depth. In other words, start shallow or deep, not somewhere in between. This time of year you might choose start deep fishing all deepest parts of the hump first. Then raise your baits a couple of feet and do it again. You’ll eventually find the strike zone and hotspots. Five, trust your electronics for slopes, cover and fish. Taking a little more time with your locator can save search time when you drop your hooks in the water. TH