Crappie Gear: Charlie Brewer’s Slider Grub

Products come and go…but not Slider Grubs. They were hot from the start and continue to catch fish today. The company was started in 1970 by Charlie Brewer, Sr. He developed Slider Fishing, a simple “Do-Nothing” method for imitating nature. The baits and technique have been effective for over 44 years. The company continues to be family-owned with helpful, down-home good people.

Slider Grubs are most popular when fished with exposed jigheads, especially for long lining. However, the Weedless Crappie Slider Head provides a unique setup for casting and retrieving a bait through thick, hook-grabbing cover.

Charlie Brewer, Jr. has some good tips for fishing the Slider. “I use the lightest line and head weight possible, preferring a 1/32-ounce. A body by itself will float so by sticking with a very light head, the jig sinks slowly. I let it drop down into the middle of the brush. On my retrieve, I climb over one limb at a time letting it fall each time. That’s when a crappie hits it.”

The head comes in six colors, 1/4-, 1/8-, 1/16-, 1/32-ounce, and has a 1/0 bronze hook.  MSRP: 18-pack, $12.87.

Crappie Grubs come in 1-inch, 1.5-inch and over 60 colors. Some of the new favorites include Green Ghost, Pink Ice, Chicken and Brown Pearl. Don’t forget Clear Hologram for a natural look, or Glow for a bright presentation. MSRP: 18-pack, $3.50.

Charlie Brewer Slider Company, 800-762-4701, www.sliderfishing.