Crappie Gear: Crappie Stalker 2

Driftmaster/ Black River Tool, Inc


Single stem Crappie Stalker 2 pole holder is adjustable at both top and bottom making it ideal for serious spider rig/slow trollers. “You can position the butt of the rod where it needs to be for fishing, then position the pole tip to the top of the water,” says owner/operator David Baynard. “It’s proven to be an effective addition. The main advantage of the single stems is that a bite or hang-up on one pole doesn’t transfer to the others. If there is a bite, you know exactly which pole got the hit.”

T-275-HCXX MSRP $98


Driftmaster/Black River Tool, Inc

“My dad (Calvin Baynard) started building holders for the catfish guys in the late 70’s,” says David. “A local catfish guide wanted holders, dad was working a desk job that he hated, so he started making the holders for the guides on Santee. It soon turned into a business.

“Dad is retired now and I have two sons who work for me. I do most of the marketing and travel.

Baynard says, “Dad has a sticky note on his desk that said “Simplify, simplify, simplify” and we try to stick with that concept today. I believe there is beauty in keeping a simple design, high quality and tough, rather than fancy. The Mississippi River catfishing is brutal on equipment and a good testing spot. We guarantee our holders for life and we answer our phones if someone calls. We take care of our customers one at a time with a lifetime guarantee no questions asked.

“We didn’t have electronics when I was a kid so one of my favorite toys was a pillow case full of blocks. I would build all kind of things. Today, I’m still playing only now it’s with steel and aluminum. My life has been engineering and I love my job.”

What about the holders? “Our Gun Slinger holders are more popular with the serious crappie fishermen because the allow a fisherman to set the hook at an angle opposite of the direction a crappie is running. That’s especially important on a fish that runs sideways. Our most popular all-around holder for fishing is the Li’l Pro or Pro.”

Final comments? “I appreciate the fact that fishermen take pride in their boats and it’s humbling they trust me to provide advice and products. I take that seriously. People ask me if I fish a lot and I don’t, but I talk about it every day and enjoy it through my customers.”