Crappie Gear – Driftmaster

by Tim Huffman

            David Baynard, a second-generation rod holder guru with Driftmaster (Black River Tools), continues to pave the way to more efficient, comfortable fishing. Baynard, who is on our cover this month, listens to what fishermen say and continues to add new products to meet their needs.

“One of our products that has been around a while is the Tip Saver. A two-piece set is for rods up to 12 or 14 feet and a three piece set for rods 14 to 16 feet. Rod butts are laid at one end the tips on the other. They hold eight rods with dividers to keep rods and line separated. The primary purpose is to keep rod tips from being broken and to keep lines from tangling. We also have a Rod Locker that works as a Tip Saver but also secures poles and reel with a locking system. You wouldn’t leave a $1000 wristwatch on the hood of your truck and you shouldn’t leave your rods and reel unprotected while you are in a motel or eating at a restaurant.”

A new product that is just going into production is the new Crappie Stalker with an adjustable base and adjustable holder. Two major benefits are worth noting. First, a holder on its individual stem isolates it from other holders so when a fish hits it doesn’t shake all the rods so it’s easier to see a bite and know exactly which pole is active. The second, critical element is adjusting the holders. The bottom pivot point allows the holder to be pulled toward the fisherman so rod access is quick and easy without bending or reaching. The stem and holder can be lowered to the deck to get them out of the way. The upper pivot at the holder allows rod tips to be adjusted up or down. They are a strong, totally adjustable holder system.

“Our company started making holders in the 70’s for catfish guides on Santee Cooper,” says Baynard. “We incorporated in the early 80’s. Our goal is to provide products to help fishermen have exactly what they want. It’s a pleasure to work and fish with fishermen. Everything we make is solving a fisherman’s need. I like to think the personalized service and high quality products, built to last, sets us apart.”

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