Crappie Gear: New Colors from Bobby Garland

Are you a “color guy” – one of those anglers who is convinced that every day crappie prefer a new or different color combination? If so, you will want to check out Bobby Garland 2-inch Baby Shads.

They’ve got four new colors added to the dozens that have been out for years. Indigo Sky, The Shadow, Green Lantern and Monkey Milk Glo are the latest colors to add to your arsenal.

Green Lantern

Indigo Sky

Monkey Milk Glo

The Shadow

Here are some great tips from Kevin Rogers with Bobby Garland to help you when choosing your Bobby Garland Crappie Bait, based on the water clarity that you’re fishing. Regardless if you’re fishing clear or muddy water.


Learn more about Baby Shad on the Bobby Garland website