Crappie Gear: Off Shore Tackle OR 38 Crappie Mini Planer

            There is no denying that planer boards for crappie took a huge leap when a Crappie Masters National Championship was won on Grenada Lake, Mississippi by a northern walleye fisherman. Beating more than 100 of the best crappie fishermen in the country by a fisherman new to crappie fishing and the southern lake, took a great technique. Planer boards were the key to success.

Fast forward to 2018. Off Shore Tackle has made planer board fishing easier and more economical with the OR38 Crappie Mini Planer Board. The board runs directly off of your rod line and works for either right or left side. The company states: One Board…Dual Purpose…It’s Reverseable.

The economics comes from its simple design with no flag. It comes with nine replaceable parts so you can keep your board working for many years to come.

Pro Staffer Dan Dannenmueller says, “Planer boards are longlining on steroids. The strategy of trolling baits is the same but the boards spread baits and gets them away from the boat to target spooky crappie. We can easily cover 300 feet of water on a pass.

“We hear the negatives of messing with more equipment and learning to troll and handle boards. There is a learning curve but if you learn how and spend several hours trolling, it really isn’t that hard to do,” says Dannenmueller.

“Off Shore is a leader and innovator in the industry for pulling planer boards. They are proven for walleye fishermen in the north and now they are becoming more popular in the south for crappie fishing. Catch rates go up dramatcally with boards compared to no boards.  MSRP: $19.99