Crappie Gear: Tree Thumper Pole, by BnM

There’s no doubt there are many poles to choose from today when we look for a crappie pole. However, the pioneer of crappie fishing poles are still the leaders today. They are still making new, efficient poles to help fishermen catch more crappie.

Kent Driscoll, Pro Staff Manager, says, “The Steve Danna Tree Thumper came about for two major reasons. First, to get a really stiff jigging pole that would get crappie out of the thick cover in a hurry. Secondly, the pole had to be lightweight so holding it wouldn’t fatigue a fisherman. So we had to design a stiff but lightweight jigging pole. We did that by taking the Buck’s Ultralight blank and used a very high modulus design that’s being kept a secret. We ended up with a very nice pole with a rear reel seat and a unique, contoured cork handle. The handle is a little shorter and the contour fits perfectly in a fisherman’s hand to give both comfort and feel. It has the stiffness to swing a fish into the boat.”

Seasoned angler Steve Danna helped design the Tree Thumper for jigging. He says, “It’s light enough to hold in your hand all day long and it’s perfectly balanced. It’s got enough backbone to horse a big crappie up.”

Tree Thumper Stats
Weight: similar to Buck’s Ultralight
Action: stiff
Lengths: 10-foot; 11-foot
High Modulus, 100% graphite (secret formula)
Ceramic line guide eyes
Portuguese cork, contoured
Rear reel seat