Crappie Kids

“Together helping our children catch their dreams”

Kids Fishing and Education announced Emily Stocking as the new Managing Director. Her parents owned Everhart’s Tackle and Sporting Goods most of her childhood so she grew up in the outdoor industry. “I have fond memories of hearing fish stories, stocking shelves and bagging jigs. The smell of garlic still takes me back.

Stocking has helped with the kids program for several years. “I have been excited to watch it grow. Kids will remember time in the outdoors with adults far more than toys they were given or the video games they’ve played. And when we connect that time with prizes and scholarships, it’s even more rewarding.”

The events are offered at no cost to the kids, so donors are needed to support the mission. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to help this 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contact Emily Stocking at: or 660-351-1189.