July means hot temperatures and pleasure boaters but picking the right place at the right time can lead to good fishing. CrappieNow Magazine explores northern lakes, early morning fishing and crappie beds for hot action

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Crappie Calendar

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Tournament Results

MAGNOLIA MAY 14th ENID LAKE 1. Steve Sullivan/Michael Lowrey 13.93 2. Brad Taylor/John Harrison 12.26 3. Pat Jeffcoats/Rabbit Rogers 11.97 ...
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Vern’s Cooking & Tidbits: Cool Crappie Soups for the Good Ol’ Hot Summertime

by Vernon Summerlin             Cerviche, gazpacho and vichyssoise are soups (continued from last month’s recipes) designed especially for summer because ...
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Where Are the Crappie?

By Lauren Plunkett The question on every angler’s mind is where to crappie go during the year. Several states have ...
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Summer Crappies on Natural Lakes

By Darl Black Summer time and crappie fishing is easy…if you are fishing a northern natural lake! With summer in ...
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Mr Crappie

Crappie Basics 117: No-Boat Options

            Access to a private pond is the best choice for fishing from the bank but that option may not ...
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Mr Crappie FishPick –Buck Knives Buckknives.com             “The product was designed to be fully contained,” says Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall ...
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Bobby Garland

Crappie Basics 116: Spillway Fishing

            Not everyone has a boat or maybe you just want a short, relaxing trip fishing from the bank. Spillways ...
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Once the sun gets on the weeds, most crappie leave the shallows and head for the channels. Some will work back very tight to the bank but these fish are hard to get at. Just poling a boat into those spots might chase them off. Pads are a good place to find summertime crappie. Mike Parrott displays a good fish.

First Thing In the Morning

By Vic Attardo      Bobby Mustang starts most mornings about 4 a.m., launching his boat, on a summer’s day, with ...
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Crappie Basics 115: Fast Trolling

            Trolling, or pulling, is a popular way to find and catch summer crappie. Southern anglers have used this tactic ...
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Find & Catch Summertime Crappie

By John Phillips The late Ken Cook of of Meers, Oklahoma, a former fisheries biologist, longtime professional bass fisherman and ...
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Advanced Seasonal Structure: Summer Brush & Beds

By Tim Huffman             Brush and crappie beds are prime summer structures. Casting and jigging are tactics that offer fun ...
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Dan Dannenmueller

Opening Cast

Hard to believe that July is here and the majority of the United States’ crappie have already spawned.  This brings ...
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