Crappie NOW- November2015

November may is a great time to hunt but don’t forget crappie fishing. It’s one of the best months of the year for consistently catching quality crappie.

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Tournament Results

EASTERN BUCKEYESEPTEMBER 19th SALT FORT LAKE1. Jerry Martin/Eric Martin 3.92. Randy Caldwell/Tim Rickey 3.53. Mark Brooks/Jeff Burtcher 3.4WEST ALABAMASEPTEMBER 19th TOMBIGBEE1. Jessie Wright/Nonna Wright 1.542. Joel Thomas 1.253. Larry Fulton 1.15MAGNOLIASEPTEMBER 19th SARDIS LAKE1. Rabbit ...
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2015 Crappie Calendar

(Fishermen, check with club/association for exact dates, changes, cancellations and rules.)Nov. 7th SPRINGFIELD LAKE SHELBYVILLE/WILBORN CREEK ACCESS OPENNov. 7th CAROLINA-CCA BADIN CLUBNov. 7th EASTERN BUCKEYE TBA SLABFESTNov. 7th MIDDLE TENNESSEE WOODS RESERVOIR CLUBNov. 7th CRAPPIENUTZ ...
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Vern’s Cooking & Tidbits: Oven Fried, Spicy or Foiled

by Vernon Summerlin Oven Fried Crappie1 pound crappie fillets1 cup Italian Style bread crumbs1 egg1/4 cup milkVegetable, canola or peanut oilSalt and pepperPreheat oven to 450 degrees. Pour oil into a medium sized casserole dish ...
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Aluminum Boat Bait Storage: Keeping Your Bait Healthy

Ron Presley To live bait anglers there is nothing more important than their bait. In the case of B'n'M pro staffer, Brad Whitehead, it is even more important when the water temperatures fall and crappie ...
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: Go Deep In November for Northern Crappies

By Darl Black It's mid-November up North. Hardwood trees stand naked, except the hardy oaks which still have dried, brown leaves. Every couple days the air gets a couple degrees colder. Light snow flurries occasionally ...
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Crappie Basics 107: Long Lining Bait Balls

Cooling water makes fish active and temperatures in the south obviously lag behind the more northern states."Fishing down home is pretty good in November and December," says John Godwin. "We do a lot of longlining ...
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Fish Attractors…They Work As Advertised

by Larry Woody You'd think it would be a no-brainer: what do "fish attractors" attract? Renowned Kentucky Lake guide Stave McCadams with a stake bed crappie. But it's surprising how many crappie fishermen putter past ...
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Crappie Masters National Championship

By Tim Huffman The 2015 Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters National Championship took place the last week of September at Kentucky Lake, Paris Landing, Tennessee. There were 172 teams who battled for a $100,000 purse ...
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Cutting Edge Electronics Using today’s tools for finding & catching crappie

by Jeff Samsel Folks love to look longingly back at the good old days, and in some areas of life, yesterday probably was better than today. Not so with crappie fishing. Crappie NOW, simply put, ...
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Crappie Basics 106: Good Line & Knots

Fishermen don't like to read or think about simple stuff like line and knots. Neither of these are a problem until you get a heavy fish on your line, the fish you definitely want to ...
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Advanced Seasonal Structure Championship Patterns

By Tim Huffman: Jim and Jason Westerberg work a ledge near the mouth of a major arm on Kentucky Lake. Here they are netting a small crappie. Winning patterns are different between lakes, seasons, weather ...
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Opening Cast

Fall is here and with it will comes a change in the weather and especially the Crappie Fishing. It’s the time of the year when the Crappie really start leaving their summer haunts and fattening ...
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