Crappie Q&A

Question: A good December fishing tip?

ROD WALL, says, “Bait color is important. Look at the pegs at the baitshop to see which colors are sold out. If you have three pegs with chartreuse-type colors sold out there is a good chance that is a hot color on the lake.”

JASON SANDAGE, guide, says, “We’ll be spider rigging with 16-foot BnM poles and double hook minnow rigs. Our rig includes a sinker on bottom with two leaders above it. Fish at Reelfoot Lake will be 12 to 14 feet in the Lower Blue Basin. Pushing minnows is a good way to catch them.”

DANNY KIRKENDALL, OK, says, “We will be using a 1/16-ounce jig, The fish can be as shallow as three feet until a layer of ice forms in the creeks. In open water I’ll look at 14 feet. Brush in 10 to 25 feet can be good. A single minnow allows working in the deeper brush. My wife will often use minnows and the fish will come out of the brush to get them.”

DAN JOHNSTON, IL, says, “On my home waters in southern Illinois, we are looking for concentrations of shad. Drop to the bottom and pick it up a foot off bottom. Anything chartreuse works. The fish are on the ledges at Rend Lake. Typical depth is 11 feet with shad being a key element. When the sun comes out crappie will move deeper with the shad.”