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Stubby Steve’s Attractant


Fishermen work hard to avoid unwanted scents on their jigs including gas, sunscreen, bologna and other unnatural smells. Just as odd scents repel crappie, good smells attract.

The name “Stubby Steve” has become a difference-maker for many successful fishermen. It masks offensive odors while providing it’s own attractive smell. There are two more great bonuses. It mimics actual fish food pellets leaving a cloud of chum around the bait. Also, it last most of the day instead of one bite like competitors.

Since the bait stays on the hook, add it after placing a minnow because it aids in keeping the minnow on the hook.

Compare it for yourself side-by-side with your favorite scent to see the difference.

Check out testimonials and more info at stubbysteve.com.

BugBand Insect Repellent          


BugBand has been around for many years and the company has always supported crappie fishing. They are known as a leader as a natural insect repellant.

Founder Dan Ritter says, “I wanted to create something that wasn’t smoke and mirrors. It had to be something effective and would help people. The Geranol is tested to be environmentally friendly, safe with zero toxicity.” There is no deet or other dangerous chemicals in the product.

The BugBand wristband is a great choice for any outdoor activities. The vapors form a protective shield around the immediate area, keeping insects a safe distance away. One band last up to 120 hours when resealed between each use. Wearing suggestions include wrist, belt, belt loop, ankle, hat band and boat seat.

Other options are available including pump sprays and handy towelettes. For more information and ordering, check their website at BugBand.net.