Gary Yamamoto

Longtime CrappieNow sponsor, respected bass fisherman and great bait designer, Gary Yamamoto, enters the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame this month. He is in good company as President George H.W. Bush and Billy Murray will also be inducted, joining 59 previously inducted members.
“While serving as both the Vice-President and as our President, George Bush took exceptional interest in fisheries, water access and conservation issues- and is also a pretty good angler himself according to fellow Hall member Ray Scott,” said BFHOF Board president Sammy Lee. “Billy Murray has helped thousands of bass anglers find more fishing success through his involvement with the Bass Fishing Institute and his idea for a traveling ‘Hawg Trough.’ And Gary Yamamoto continues to develop some of the best baits out there, and is an accomplished angler in his own right.”
Gary Yamamoto has carved his legend in bass fishing, but has a crappie line-up of baits, too, including the Yamaminnow, Tiny Ika and 3″ Swim Senko. The CrappieNow Magazine staff congratulates this great innovator, fisherman and genuinely nice man on his induction into the hall of fame.