June ACT Tournament on Kentucky Lake

by Richard Simms

 The Ronnie Capps/Steve Coleman team continues to dominate on the ACT Trail.

(l-r) Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman celebrate another win in the June American Crappie Trail Tournament on Kentucky Lake. (Photo courtesy ACT)

PARIS, Tenn. – The powerhouse team of Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman claimed yet another win in the June American Crappie Trail Tournament on Kentucky Lake. A total of 97 boats prowled Kentucky Lake searching for the fourteen biggest crappie over the two-day tournament held June 21-22.

Teams fishing in the June ACT Tournament on Kentucky Lake had to spend some time outrunning storms. (Photo courtesy ACT)

Hot, stormy conditions greeted the anglers, many of whom found the fishing tough.

In the end Capps and Coleman weighed in two limits totaling 17.57 pounds. They squeaked out 1st place over the father/son team of Brett and Robert Luther who weighed in 17.20.

Due to hot temperatures and difficulties with livewell maintenance, Capps and Coleman actually cut their second day of fishing very short.

“We had a great start this morning and got our seven fish,” said Capps. “It was a lot deeper fish, 50 miles away from where we fished yesterday. We had a little trouble keeping them as healthy as I’d like. I knew we were probably going to lose some fish if we didn’t make it here. So we were here at 12:30 and sacrificed the whole rest of the day, crossing our fingers that we had enough.”

They did have enough. Capps and Coleman won cash and prizes totaling $26,000.

The second place Luther team used a totally different strategy.

“We did something totally different today,” said Brett Luther. “We usually spider rig but we just single poled it today. We used our electronics and hit more of the isolated structure that hadn’t been pressured.”

The pair took home an $8,000 check for second place.

Tony and Mike Sheppard came in third place with 16.91, winning $5,250. Shane Walker and Daryl Williams (13th place) claimed Big Fish of the tournament at 1.87 pounds, winning $2,365.

The total payout in the June ACT was $67,085. Not surprisingly Capps and Coleman are in first place in the overall 2019 standings.

To watch the entire Kentucky Lake final day weigh-in, go here.

Next up is Truman Reservoir in Missouri July 26-27, followed by Ouachita River in Louisiana September 13-14.