According to, a leader in industry information, thirteen Mississippi lakes get stocked with crappie.
The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP), recently stocked over 126,000 Magnolia Crappie and 147,500 white crappie into 13 public lakes. White crappie were stocked in Eagle Lake and Bee Lake. Magnolia crappie were stocked in 10 of MDWFP’s smaller state fishing and state park lakes.
The Magnolia Crappie is a cross between a female white crappie and a male black-striped black crappie. The Magnolia Crappie is sterile making it ideal for small impoundments. It won’t overpopulate.
The fish were reared at MDWFP’s North Mississippi Fish Hatchery near Enid.