Oliso – Vacuum Sealer

The Oliso Pro VS97A Smart Vacuum Sealer is a great tool for an outdoorsman and/or cook. It’s a storage system that removes air and creates an airtight, waterproof heat seal, keeping air out and freshness in.

Vacuum stored foods keep fresh five times longer. An Oliso bag can be sealed and reused ten times, stores wet foods or liquids, and has a dry mode to seal dry goods, and stop and seal for fragile foods. It has a flexi tube attachment to seal bottles and jars.

 Editor’s Special Likes: No cutting and making bags. Reusable, zip-lock bags makes the process much easier and less expensive. I suggest ordering a spare box of quart and gallon bags. We seal many different foods and often cook extra to freeze and have a meal ready in the freezer.

A big “A+” for it’s small size taking up very little room on the counter or in a drawer.

I’ve had good results freezing fish. The vacuum method takes about half the room in the freezer, is lighter and is quicker to thaw. I’ve had no problems with vacuum sealed fish but haven’t tested against water-covered for long term comparison.

The Oliso unit receives a high rating.


Information: The Pro VS97A comes with sealer, carrying case, flexi tube, zip disc, 12V DC adaptor, 5 large Vac-Snap 1-gallon bags. One year limited lifetime mfg. warranty. MSRP $169.99. Extra reusable zip bags are available: 14 1-quart or 10 1-gallon, $11.99. www.oliso.com