One Last Cast

(reprint compliments of TTI-Blakemore)

TJ Stallings, PR/Marketing Manager TTI-Blakemore.

TJ was a life long advocate of conservation and dedicated to teaching others the world of fishing. His selfless acts of compassion for people and passion for the outdoors was quality that others should follow.

His achievements included numerous outdoor writer awards, a patented hook design, accomplished photographer with multiple magazine covers, countless lure designs for TTI-Blakemore, dozens of species of fish caught and biologically studied plus the admiration and respect of the entire angling industry.

He’ll always be missed but not forgotten. Just look around the next body of water that you fish and know that TJ had an impact on it in some way. When you catch your next fish be sure to thank TJ for his efforts in making your day exceptional.


Thanks for all you did, TJ.

With respect and admiration,

Your friends and family